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MSPs, CPOs, and/or location owners can request via the form below an ID in one or more Benelux-countries when they have a proven legal entity. Read first the practical information below and the Terms of Reference.

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Practical information

MSPs and CPOs and/or location owners can request an ID when they have a proven legal entity. A legal entity is defined as a natural or legal person. A location owner is defined as the entity who owns the charging stations to be identified with the ID. Any applicant needs to read and accept the Terms of Reference.

The Benelux ID Registration Organization asks a cost covering fee to supply and maintain the codes. The registration fee per ID-request is 100€ and the annual fee is 90€ (year 2021). The registration fee is applicable per request of one or several ID code(s) and invoiced immediately after issuing the ID-code. The annual fee is linked per applicant and invoiced automatically after one year.

After sending the online form and payment, the requested code will be analysed then published on ID register of the Benelux ID Registration Organization (IDRO). This will be done within 10 business days after submission of the online form. The ID will remain valid and its registration will be upheld for an unlimited time frame.

If the annual fee has not been made in due time, the ID code will be removed from the website and lose its validity. In such case, the Benelux IDRO will cancel the ID, ex officio.

The applicant can cancel the ID with a notice of three months.

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