Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your organization does not have to be established in one of the Benelux-countries. However, your organization shall request its first ID in the country where you are legally based.

Yes. You can simultaneously send a request for an ID-code as a MSP and a CPO. The ID-code will be the same, e.g. BE-ABC.

If you prefer another ID-code for one of your activities (MSP or CPO), two ID-codes should be requested. Therefore, two separate ID-requests should be submitted.

Yes. You can simultaneously send a request for several Benelux-codes. The ID-code will be different: BE for Belgium, NL for the Netherlands and LU for Luxembourg.

If you initiate a request for an ID for several Benelux-countries, you will pay one registration fee for the request. If you initiate separate requests, you will pay multiple registration fees. However the annual fee is linked to the applicant organization.


You can send a request indicating for which Benelux-countries you would like the code and which preferred code you want. The Benelux Secretariat will check if the requested code is still available.

If you want to change a code we ask you to make a new formal request via the ID request page. You will have to pay a registration fee for this request.

The applicant can cancel the ID with a notice of three months. The registration fee cannot be reimbursed.